Cycling, Bozzola (Otelli) triumphs at the junior Liberation trophy

Great performance by Mirko Bozzola at the Liberation Grand Prix for Juniors raced yesterday in Rome on the legendary circuit of the Terme di Caracalla. The 18-year-old from Novara, standard bearer of the Aspiratori Otelli Alchem ​​Carin Baiocchi team, won the classic in Rome by detachment, which today will see the contest for the trophy dedicated to amateurs. Mirko Bozzola won the Merida Liberazione Juniores with a solitary action that started 6 laps from the end, managing to resist the return of the pursuers.

Behind him the sprint of the group, which reached 25 ”, was won by Giovanni Cuccarolo of Borgo Molino in front of his teammate Alessio Delle Vedove. Good sixth place for Gabriele Casalini dell’Otelli.

There were not only the Juniors engaged on the Roman circuit . In fact, the Allievi and Esordienti races were also held, with the latter seeing the extraordinary second place of Cristiano Cacciamali of the Rodengo Saiano cycling project while teammate Roberto Turelli finished eighth. In the same category, on Saturday in Lecco in a time trial second place for Angelo Berberi of the Vallecamonica team, while in Varese, in a time trial Allievi ninth place for Carlo Mazzoleni also of Vallecamonica.

Yesterday instead for the students on the road in Albano Sant’Alessandro in the province of Bergamo fifth place for the Lombard champion Cristian Bonini (Ronco Maurigi Gallina), seventh Giuseppe Smecca (Otelli), eighth Paolo Nica of Flandres. In Pontenure, in Piacenza sixth place for the Brescia pupil Davide Maifredi of Madignanese, while in the Juniores at Ittiri in Sardinia second place of Davide Signoretto and third of Matteo Frosio both of Biesse Carrera Premac who also places Marco Oliosi in sixth place and in tenth place Andrea Morelli. Finally in the women’s field in Bovolone in the Veronese eighth Silvia Milesi and ninth Alessia Zambelli of Biessa Carrera.

In the off-road, the stage of the Leonessa Cup in Erbusco is worth mentioning with the following top ten for the Brescians. Beginners first year third Alessandro Chitò (Velo Montirone), Beginners second year third Simone Donati (Monticelli), tenth Gabriele Gatta (Montirone).

In the women’s field Esordienti first year success of Maria Chiara Signorelli (Carbonhubo), fifth Agnese Cremaschini, week Lucrezia Inselvini both Monticelli, ninth Giulia Moreschi (Oxygen), in the first year students victory of Stefano Melani (Monticelli), while in the second year students third Andrea Bonaiti of Monticelli. Among the first year students fifth place for Sophie Bindoni (Oxygen), sixth Silvia Tossi (Monticelli). Finally in the Juniores category fourth place for Simone Foccoli (Monticelli) sixth Paolo Manza (Montirone).

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